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Beautiful Dying

Virtual 3-Day Event

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It's Time to Create a Lasting Legacy

Beautiful Dying is a collaboration of heart-centered and compassionate team of community leaders connecting with people worldwide to expand awareness, encourage meaningful conversations by illuminating the process of dying and death. With a growing global community seeking answers we help create action plans for life, celebration, dying, death and grief.

Life | Dying | Death | Grief

What's It All About?

Prepare for the Final™
Getting Your Affairs in Order
Navigate this legal terrain
with our professionals...
Demystifying the process from a-z. Navigating through the paperwork and covering basic strategies, definitions and road maps to achieve one’s personal goals
End of Life Care

Explore your options and preferences, traditional and sacred...
This category provides folks with our professionals and experts in the end-of-this-life arena. Caregivers, Ombudsmen, Palliative Care Teams, and Hospice share innovative tools and resources including CBD and Psilocybin Therapy for the Terminally Ill, VSED, as well as Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD)
Mysticism & Spirituality; Cultural Myths, Theology, & Beliefs
Discover new ways to embrace
the unknown…
Celebrate life through sacred rituals, acceptance of diverse cultures and learning to balance energy
After Death Events

Learn what’s next before the end...

This category provides folks with up-to-date options and possibilities for at-home funerals, vigils, and memorials, and out-of-this-world burials and cremations, celebrating one’s legacy through sacred and cultural rituals

Holistic Alternatives

Mind, body, spirit connection, healing and support...
This category advocates the belief that mind, body and spirit of a human being must be treated holistically in order to achieve any idea of ‘healing’, rather than simply treating a person for a specific illness or injury. If there is dysfunction in the body, if not addressed, will affect the whole person.
Loss & Grief Education and Support
Develop coping skills to better
manage loss...
This category provides a vital safety net and a lifeline for many who are navigating the grief journey. We’re all suffering some level of grief


The Continuing Education Experience
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