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About Death Midwifery

Death Midwifery, also known as Death Doula, is an art form that has been around for centuries and is still performed in many regions of our world. It unfortunately has been lost in Western Civilization.  We are now covered in myths and fears and have this thought of creating agelessness. The fact of the matter is death is part of life just as birth is part of life. There is only a continuum and the only thing that changes is the body. How we nurture it and listen to it changes the fear into love and just as you hold an infant in your arms so the same for your body.

Death Midwifery is my calling and I must deliver this beautiful and important work back into today's world.

I am here to provide guidance and ministerial services to assist you and your loved ones create a deeply personal vigil and funeral at home.  I am here to assist you before, during and after transition. We are all on a journey experiencing this life and there are some glorious ways to live, breathe and share, in kindness, and with compassion and pure joy.

I am here for you. I support you. I've got your back.


Meet Your End-of-Life Planner

Michele Little

Death Midwife | Death Doula | 

End of This Life Planner

About Michele:

Michele Little, CEO of Beautiful Dying LLC, is an author and certified Death Midwife dedicated to the celebration of life and honoring of death. Her journey began after her brother, FDNY Firefighter David M. Weiss was killed in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (aka 9/11) in New York City.

To honor her brother, his service and his love for children, Michele began speaking in support of first responders and survivors, and founded the nonprofit, Unite in Peace to give children a voice. Michele has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, KUSI, FOX, Today Show, Adelphia Communications (News and Take 5), San Diego Magazine, Visions Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune and the North County Times. Michele has received proclamations from the City of Encinitas and the City of San Diego.

Today, Michele’s company, Beautiful Dying, a Concierge Dying and Death Management Service, assists with preparing and organizing critical documents, coordinating in-home care, honoring faith-based traditions, and supporting the grieving in the dying and death experience.

As producer of the annual Beautiful Dying Expo, Michele brings together experts providing groundbreaking products, services, resources in this unique 3-day tradeshow devoted to easing the transition at end of this life and perhaps, the afterlife?

How I Got Started:

Life and death are a constant continuum, flowing with every experience, using every breath as we inhale and exhale the beauty of living.

We will never know what time we will expire, where we'll be and who will be witnessing our body's last breath. I think we all want to know at the end of this experience that we were loved, that we shared the love, that at the end of this life we will  remember that we are love. 

I have wonderful memories from the age of 2 to 10 years old holding my grandfather's hand as we walked to his favorite diner to meet up with his friends, smoking his pipe with tobacco that smelled like vanilla.  Everything Poppy told me I believed. He would talk with me about his perspective on life, living, learning and celebrating; he also talked with me about dying and death. He would be the only person in my life who would answer my questions about dying and death. He promised me that he would say goodbye to me before he left the earth, so at the age of 10, when October 31st rolled around and my younger brother and I were heading out the door to go trick or treating, the phone rang eerily, only to find out from my mom that Poppy "passed away". Because he promised to say goodbye I didn't believe that passing away meant that he actually died so when it finally registered in my head my heart dropped thousands of miles into the earth. Running up to my room, hysterically crying and asking no one yet anyone why he would tell me his stories and his beliefs when none of them were true -- when suddenly he appeared from shoulder up and he said, "I've come to say goodbye. You have to let me go or I will get caught up in the astral plain and I've got too much work to do."  Thankful, with a heart full of love I said, "Thank you for coming to say goodbye. I would never want to hold you back from doing your work. I love you and goodbye." And his last words to me were, "I love you and I will always be with you."

​My quote since the murder of my younger brother, David on September 11th, 2001 is This is the only moment we have.  Make it the most precious moment we've got. People often think of dying and death as an unapproachable conversation. Part of my calling is to change that. Having your affairs in order long before you leave this planet is so critical. Some people do a lot of talking about completing their advance care planning but never act on it.  Again, part of my calling is to change that too.

During my training as a death midwife I felt such joy and a deep knowing that this is my final call. This service is a blessing and I feel so very connected to those individuals who are on their way to their next journey, whatever that may be.

“Beautiful Dying integrates the practical and the emotional sides of this most important yet often ignored subject. While the topic can be a difficult one to broach, Michele Little makes it easy to navigate both the pragmatic and the divine, and can be trusted to handle both with care and reverence."

Nancy Kern


Our Services

In-Home, In-Person Services

  • Organize - Is paperwork a mess? 

  • Categorize - Are things out of order?

  • Declutter - Need to let go of things and not sure where to start?

  • Assistance - Have you completed your Exit Papers workbook?


Pre-Transition Services

  • Sharing Memories - Using Affirmations and Mantras that are Personal to You

  • Breathing Through Movement - Tai Chi, Humming

  • Last Minute Revelations -  Letters to Loved Ones and Remembering Friends

  • Energy Fields - Chakra Alignment


Guidance and Ministerial Services

  • Caregiving

  • Death Midwifery

  • Hospice

  • Hospice at Home

  • Memorial Services

  • Vigils and Funerals (Including At-Home Funerals, 3-Day Vigils) 

  • Burials*

  • Cremations*

  • Entombment*

* Resources and referrals for these services are available upon request.


Celebration – Your Journey’s End

  • Music 

  • Dance

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Catering

  • Remembrance Ceremonies

Pricing Available Upon Request

Begin Planning Now

Mapping out & creating the perfect foundation for your dying and death experience is our mission at Beautiful Dying. Your end-of-life choices should reflect what you want. After all, this is the LAST one of your most important, magical and most memorable events of your life!

In order for our team to map out and help construct your dream event, we need to know a little bit about you. Please submit this form to begin the planning process.

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