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Track 5 -

After death, the journey of honoring and memorializing loved ones begins, offering a range of options and possibilities that celebrate their unique lives.

This transformative process allows individuals to find solace and closure through meaningful and personalized farewells.

From at-home funerals and vigils to green burials, out-of-this-world burials and cremations, this track explores a myriad of choices for commemorating the lives of those who have passed on.

Additionally, we will delve into the significance of celebrating legacies through sacred and cultural rituals, creating heartfelt and cherished memories that last for generations to come.

Track 5 - 

We will address:

- Creating a Meaningful Farewell
- Out-of-This-World Farewells
- Sacred Rituals and Celebration
- Personalizing the Memorial Experience
- Legacy Planning and End-of-Life Wishes
- Virtual Funerals and Memorials
- Death and the Digital Age
- Digital Legacy: Managing our Online Presence after Death

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