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Beautiful Dying is a virtual event where you can have one-on-one conversations with professionals in the dying and death industry.​

2022 marked our fourth annual virtual expo!

"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it."

Haruki Murakami

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Beautiful Dying Community collaborates with heart-centered, compassionate teams of global leaders. 
We connect with people worldwide expanding awareness, and encouraging meaningful conversations. 
We help create action plans for life, celebration, love, dying, death and grief.


Image By Krisztian Matyas

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"By being mindful and wise as we bring in the love,

we will feel an uplifting vibration throughout our bodies.

We will hear an ethereal tone as we see the light. As we reset our frequencies, we remember to breathe deeply remembering that there is only love."

Michele Little
Our Founder

Michele Little, Founder, Producer, CEO, Death Midwife, End-of-This-Life Celebration Planner, Author

People often think of dying and death as an unapproachable conversation. Part of Michele Little’s calling is to encourage meaningful conversations by illuminating the process of dying and death. Having your affairs in order long before you leave this planet is critical. Some people do a lot of talking about completing their advance care planning but never act on it. Again, part of her calling is to change that too.


At Beautiful Dying LLC, Concierge Services & Resources, Michele assists with preparing and organizing critical documents, coordinating in-home care, honoring faith-based traditions and supporting the grieving in the dying and death journey. During her training as a death midwife, she felt such joy and a deep knowing that this has always been her calling. This service is a blessing and she feels a deep connection with those individuals who are on their way to their next adventure, whatever that may be.

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