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Track 6 -
Loss and Grief Education & Support

Grief is an inherent part of the human experience, affecting us all at some point in our lives.

The journey of grief can be complex, with a range of emotions that require understanding, compassion, and support.

We focus on the significance of grief education and support, offering a lifeline to those navigating through loss. From developing coping skills to managing grief to honoring the memory through rituals and memorials, this track emphasizes the importance of providing compassionate care for the dying and being present for those grieving.

We also explore the role of technology in grief support, highlighting how it can connect individuals and create a supportive community during times of bereavement.

Track 6 - 
Loss and Grief Education & Support

Discussions include:

- The Complex Emotions of Grief
- Coping Strategies for Dealing with Loss
- Honoring the Memory: Rituals and Memorials
- Supporting Others through Death and Bereavement
- Being Present for the Grieving: Active Listening and Empathy
- Creating a Supportive Community
- Using Technology for Grief Support

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