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Death Midwifery | Death Doula

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Celebration of Life &


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It's Time to Create a Lasting Legacy

Our Beautiful Dying Community collaborates with heart-centered, compassionate teams of global leaders. 
We connect with people worldwide, expanding awareness and encouraging meaningful conversations. 
We help create action plans for life, celebration, love, dying, death and grief.

Life | Dying | Death | Grief

What We're All About
The Beautiful Dying 6-Tracks

Track 1:
Prepare for the Final™
Getting Your Affairs in Order

Planning and preparation at the end of your life is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition and honoring your wishes. It allows for important decisions to be made in advance, such as healthcare preferences, funeral arrangements, and distribution of assets. This track will delve into the significance of this process and explore the various aspects involved in planning for the end of life.

Track 4:
End of Life Care


The dying process itself can vary in duration and experience, depending on the circumstances and individual factors.


End-of-Life Care refers to the medical, emotional, and spiritual support provided by professionals for individuals nearing the end of their lives.


Caregivers, End-of-This-Life Doulas and Midwives, palliative care teams, ombudsmen, and hospice will facilitate their workshops offering continuing education credits, innovative tools, and resources to enhance the quality of life for the terminally ill as well as providing support for their loved ones.

Track 2:
Mysticism & Spirituality; Cultural Myths, Theology, & Beliefs

Mysticism and spirituality play a significant role in celebrating life through sacred rituals, acceptance of diverse cultures, and learning to balance energy.


Cultural myths, theology, and beliefs provide a framework for understanding the mysteries of life and death, offering guidance on how to navigate the journey with grace and purpose.

Track 5:
After Death Events


After death, the journey of honoring and memorializing loved ones begins, offering a range of options and possibilities that celebrate their unique lives.


This transformative process allows individuals to find solace and closure through meaningful and personalized farewells.


From at-home funerals and vigils to green burials, out-of-this-world burials and cremations, this track explores a myriad of choices for commemorating the lives of those who have passed on.


Additionally, we will delve into the significance of celebrating legacies through sacred and cultural rituals, creating heartfelt and cherished memories that last for generations to come.

Track 3:
Holistic Alternatives


Holistic Alternative professionals advocate the belief that by embracing complementary therapies, individuals can unlock their innate healing potential and experience profound transformations in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Holistic healing fosters a comprehensive approach to health care, empowering individuals to take an active role in their healing journey. We open the door to a future where health and vitality are nurtured, bringing balance, harmony, and lasting wellness to individuals and communities alike.

Track 6:
Loss & Grief Education and Support


Beautiful Dying provides a vital safety net and a lifeline for many who are navigating the grief journey.


From developing coping skills to managing grief to honoring the memory through rituals and memorials, this track emphasizes the importance of providing compassionate care for the dying and being present for those grieving. We’re all suffering some level of grief.


We will explore the role of technology in grief support, highlighting how it can connect individuals and create a supportive community during times of bereavement.

Rebecca Zacharda

"Michele Little is a highly compassionate and authentic woman. Her passion about end of life choices is very important. Not only does she do the research needed to help others make the best choices, she also cares deeply about everyone in her life. She is sincere and delightful, which is a rare combination these days. I completely trust her and know that she has my best interests at heart when giving advice. Thank you, Michele, for being the strength that is needed when faced with some of the most difficult choices of our lives."

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